May 142012

Promoting music with social media is one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate buzz and build your fan base.

There are tons of ways to use social media to promote your music – so many that it can lead to overwhelm in a matter of no time.

The three things you can (and should!) do to get started are Facebook, Socialcam and putting up your own blog.

  1. Facebook: Create a fan page using a cool image for the header. Create events for new releases and gigs, and invite everyone you know and their friends. Post frequent updates to build a relationship with your fans and get them involved.
  2. Socialcam: We found this interesting article about Socialcam Vs. Youtube – even though Socialcam is much newer in the world of video sharing than Youtube, using it can get you more response faster. You can integrate it easily with both Facebook and your Youtube channel, and the “forced social integration” can get you on your fans’ radar quickly.
  3. Your own blog: Using your own blog can be an important tool to control your content and build up a web presence for your music over time. A blog is interactive, can integrate with Facebook, Youtube and Socialcam, and the search engines particularly like content that is fresh and updated. Deliver this on your blog.