Mar 262012

As in any industry and business, managing projects effectively will go a long way towards accomplishing goals and expanding your reach. Projects in the music recording industry are often extremely complex.

That is why Berklee College is introducing courses in Project Management using Smartsheet, a spread-sheet like online collaboration tool.

Says Berklee instructor Jonathan Feist: “Because Smartsheet is cloud-based and cross platform, (…) there’s no installation required and Smartsheet offers great Help videos, so I can focus on teaching project management and not technical support.”

And Mark Mader, CEO of Smartsheet adds: “Having Berklee leverage Smartsheet for teaching PM is a testament to the evolving expectations we all have for the next generation of productivity and workflow tools.”

According to Feist, “learning project management helps musicians develop a clearer sense of the work they want to do. They’re able to break down abstract ideas into realistic components-along with realistic action plans to accomplish them. It shows them that major artistic projects are completely within their reach.”

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