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Add sound or video to your Web site -- how it works:

Enhancing your homepage or Web site with audio (or video) cannot get easier: "Send us a tape, CD or DAT -- you'll receive a play-button for your homepage!" -- Audiohost Instant Quote

The "play-button" really is ready-made HTML-code that you can insert anywhere in your homepage. The code includes a link to your sound. When the visitor of your page clicks on the link, your sound streams from our server. Your visitor will be able to hear your sound within seconds, and he won't even notice that it's playing from a different server.

Your sound will sound a lot better than most streaming sound samples on the Internet. Why? Because we take it through a special "mastering" process. Just as the mix of a song is being mastered before it goes on CD, our mastering for streaming audio enhances your sound to sound great on the Internet. This mastering is an individual process for each song or sound file.

"What if I don't know how to insert the link in my page?" you ask. Don't worry: we provide all necessary assistance for FREE, and we guarantee that you will have your sound (or video) on your page!

Audiohost Instant Quote

Please, calculate your total playtime of audio and/or video samples in minutes. Round the times to the nearest half minute, and enter the values as (e.g.) 2.5 for "two and a half minutes". Make sure to use a decimal point, not a comma! "Audio playtime" is the duration of your sound.

Insert your total audio playtime: minutes
Insert your total video playtime: minutes

Select the currency of your convenieance:

Process your data by pressing one of the buttons below!
"Get Instant Quote" allows you to place an order based on the quote,
and to submit your credit card information to our secure server.
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Total amount for setup and 3 months of hosting:


  1. Audio
      Setup:$60.00 per hour (setup time)
  2. Video
      Setup:$75.00 per hour (setup time)

Setup takes one hour minimum, for larger projects roughly three times the play time of your sounds, music or video. We can also edit your sound or your video, or the audio track of your video at the same rate. After the first hour, setup time is billed in 15 minutes increments. All prices are for streaming audio and video that is optimized for 28.800 bps modem connections or 14.400 bps modem connections. (See "About Sound" for details.)

If you need your original tape, CD or DAT to be mailed back to you, add shipping and handling: $5.00 for tapes or CDs, $8.00 for video tapes.

Placing an Order:

  1. Send your tape, CD, DAT or video together with your e-mail address and your payment to:
    c/o Tom Bartke
    1319 Allen Ave.
    Glendale, CA 91201 USA
  2. Send an e-mail to order@audiohost.com stating what you sent, how you sent it, when you sent it, and from where you sent it.
  3. You will receive one e-mail to confirm your order as soon as your e-mail reaches us.
  4. You will receive one e-mail that reports the arrival of your package in our mail with an estimated fulfillment time (usually within 48 hours).
  5. You will receive one e-mail that includes your "play-button" and your final statement.

Payment methods:

  • Credit Cards - AMEX, VISA, Mastercard
    • Submit your credit card information to our secure server
    • Phone in your credit card info to 1-888-292-5598 (toll free within the U.S.), or 1-818-845-3399 (international and local)
    • Send your credit card info with your music (name on card, number, expiration date!)
  • Checks or money orders, made payable to Tom Bartke, Audiohost.com in US currency
  • EUROCHECKS, made payable to Tom Bartke, Audiohost.com in German currency
For payments in German currency (DM) calculate the amount due and multiply by 1.8 (or use "Audiohost Instant Quote").

Payment policy: You have to include your payment with the material that you send us. Please, use "Audiohost Instant Quote" form above, to calculate your amount due.

We can also edit your audio or video or the sound of your video. Please, provide exact indication of necessary editing work.

Additional editing work will be billed afterwards in your final statement. Additional payments are due upon uploading the files on our server. Note: No additional charges will occur if you have calculated the amount due using the "Audiohost Instant Quote" form, and you don't order any additional editing work.

After the first 3 months period we will notify you via e-mail. You may renew your booking for another 3 months without a setup fee.

Important notice: You have to make sure that you don't violate international copyright laws by placing sound or video on your Web site. By placing an order you agree that Audiohost will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs through violation of copyrights. If you need music for your Web site or multimedia project, you can license original compositions through Audiohost.com.

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