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Sound Mastering and Hosting for Internet Broadcast & Video

RealAudio 14k Modem
52 sec./44 kB

This is an older format, which
is very compatible - down to
RealAudio Player 4.0!

There is no current RealAudio
format that supports streaming
to 14k modem connections.

RealAudio 28-56k Modem
52 sec./315 kB

This is the most current format
for this bandwidth. Note that it
requires RealAudio Player G2
or better!

RealAudio LAN/DSL
52 sec./1.1 MB

FM-quality streaming

Common Ground's weekly radio
programs are broadcast worldwide
on 110 stations.

For the Internet, we have
mastered these programs for best
streaming sound quality.

The three links on the left demonstrate
different sound qualities for different
connection speeds.

At Audiohost.com, we use state-
of-the-art digital sound processing
equipment that is also used in CD
mastering, to make you sound good
on the Internet!

We can greatly improve the sound
quality of streaming programs. EQ,
multi-band compression, de-noising -
with our unique mastering process,
we prepare your sound material
before it is encoded into a streaming
sound format.

Sound for Internet radio, video,
spoken word, educational programs:

Take your Internet presence
to the next level!

For more information call toll free (888) 292-5598 or e-mail info@audiohost.com.

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