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Services offers complete services for your representation on the Internet: Web design, hosting, promotion, and broadcast over the Internet. If you already have an existing Web site, we deliver single components to enhance your site, such as sound, animation for your logo or for parts of your site, and Shocked Inter-Clips.

It's a proven fact that sound and animation on your Web site will attract much more attention of your visitors. Particularly (but not just) when your product is audio related, sound and animation are the keys to getting your Internet marketing up to speed.

We help you to find the best way to implement your streaming audio or video, considering your target audience and compatibility requirements. Streaming audio can be implemented in RealAudio or Macromedia Shockwave. We design animated components in Shockwave Flash 2 or Director 6. Streaming video can be implemented in RealVideo or VivoActive.

Since it is still rather difficult to configure your ISP server to deliver streaming audio or video, we can host just your media files on our server, and integrate them seamlessly into your Web site.

Web Design

Our Web design services include everything you need to put your project onto the Internet: HTML-code, scripting, graphic design, professional scanning and editing of images from photographs or video, video capturing, editing and encoding, audio mastering, editing and encoding. You name it - we can do it!

The round-up of our Web design services are 'traffic generating activities', such as listing your site with search engines, establishing mutual links to sites of similar interest, posting messages to Usenet-Newsgroups etc.


The term 'Inter-Mercial' is derived from Internet and Infomercial or Commercial. It's a native multi-media advertisement tool, that combines photographs, graphic elements, animation, sound, and interactive controls. An Inter-Mercial is typically a part of a Web site. It can also be the main component of a Web site that specifically advertises one product. An Inter-Mercial is the ideal tool to enhance your infomercial campaign by taking it to the Internet. Secure order online - your customers don't even need a telephone to order!


The term 'Inter-Clip' is derived from Internet and video-clip. It's a cool new multi-media form of music marketing. Inter-Clips combine photographs, graphic elements, animation, sound, and interactive controls. An Inter-Clip is typically a part of a music related Web site. It can also be the main component of a Web site that specifically advertises one product or band. Inter-Clips can be combined in a Showcase with online controls that function like the remote control of a VCR.


You can deliver educational programs over the Internet. This is what we call 'Inter-Class'. An Inter-Class combines photographs, graphic elements, animation, sound, and interactive controls. Animated illustrations arrive in perfect synchronisation with the respective explanation on the computer of your 'student'.

Offer your wisdom to students from all over the world. You can run the Inter-Class on a password protected page, and charge your students on a secure online order form.

Use Inter-Classes on your Intranet to keep your staff up-to-date on important changes or tasks in your company!


Banner advertisement is one of the most important ways to bring traffic to your site. On the Internet there are many free banner exchange services, as well as opportunities to buy display time for your banner advertisement on sites with your target audience. Browsing the Web you will encounter still image banner-ads and animated banners, and even some with sound. Similar to banner-ads, some advertisement services - such as the PointCast Network - accept animated ads in the shape of a little screen. We can design and create any display ad you need, and help you to position it at advertising services that are right for your product!

Audio Services

Browsing the Web you will encounter a variety of audio qualities: sometimes the sound starts playing very soon after you initiated the download (even if it's a long sample), sometimes the download lasts forever although you get just a short snippet. In both cases the sound quality may vary. has developed a special mastering process that will make your sound one of the best streaming sounds on the Internet. We'd like to encourage you to compare the sound on our site to the sound from other services. We're sure that you'll notice the difference!


The Internet is the single mass medium that reaches most of your potential customers! We do our best to help you broadcast the message of your product and reach more people every day. Your project will be listed for FREE! in the following broadcasts on our site:

AuralSuite - our visitors can listen to your sound sample and link to your site
InterShowcase - our visitors can view your Inter-Clip or Inter-Mercial, or preview your Inter-Class, and link to your site
PointCast Connection - brings a message about your product to the subscribers of our PointCast Connection, and lets them link to your site.


Our general pricing is individually tailored to your needs. Please, e-mail for an estimate. Describe the volume and needs of your project, and we'll get back to you shortly.