Streaming audio and Shockwave animation

To listen to our RealAudio samples you need the RealAudio plug-in. To view Shocked animations you need the Shockwave plug-in. Both plug-ins are free to download from the pages below! Depending on what kind of browser you use, you might still have difficulties after that. The plug-ins work properly with Netscape Naviator 3.0 (or better) and Internet Explorer 3.0 (or better). Free download pages for an upgrade to one of these browsers are listed here, too.

RealAudio installed and yet error messages? There are two common reasons for this:

  1. You don't have the most current version of the RealAudio player (please upgrade with the link below)
  2. The RealAudio server that plays the samples was busy (please try again until it works)
The funny thing about RealAudio is that in both cases the RealAudio player usually displays an error message that does not relate to the real reason of the problem. A message like "This is not a RealAudio file" is more likely a hint to reason (1), if it's something like "DNS entry of server not found" you probably have the second problem.

If you experience further difficulties with our RealAudio or Shockwave samples, please let us know! Please, use the form below to provide your problem report

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RealAudio Player

Shockwave Flash (170k)


Netscape Navigator

Internet Explorer


A browser upgrade and installation of RealAudio requires that you quit your browser after the download. Bookmark this page now for your convenient return!

If you just need the Shockwave plug-in, you can click here after download and installation are completed. You will not need to restart your browser!

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