May 142012

When you are looking for the best audio hosting solution for your business online, it is best to consider first the purpose and nature of your audio files.

Are you looking to deliver static audio files on your web site?

Are you delivering updated audio files (“episodes”) to your audience at regular times and intervals?

Do you require live streaming of audio programs, with or without subsequent archiving ?

Depending on your answer to these questions, the audio hosting solution that’s best for you may be different in both ease of use and price.

In addition to these questions, it is important to determine how your end users are going to be listening to your audio programs. Will they be at their computer, or should you cater to the explosively growing group of mobile devices that many people use to listen to audio on the go?

Many solutions to the different situations are available, either through your standard web hosting provider, or by using specialized hosting services. Specialized hosting services should be selected for your specific purpose, as their solutions often have built in integration with the most powerful social media channels for your application.


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May 142012

Promoting music with social media is one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate buzz and build your fan base.

There are tons of ways to use social media to promote your music – so many that it can lead to overwhelm in a matter of no time.

The three things you can (and should!) do to get started are Facebook, Socialcam and putting up your own blog.

  1. Facebook: Create a fan page using a cool image for the header. Create events for new releases and gigs, and invite everyone you know and their friends. Post frequent updates to build a relationship with your fans and get them involved.
  2. Socialcam: We found this interesting article about Socialcam Vs. Youtube – even though Socialcam is much newer in the world of video sharing than Youtube, using it can get you more response faster. You can integrate it easily with both Facebook and your Youtube channel, and the “forced social integration” can get you on your fans’ radar quickly.
  3. Your own blog: Using your own blog can be an important tool to control your content and build up a web presence for your music over time. A blog is interactive, can integrate with Facebook, Youtube and Socialcam, and the search engines particularly like content that is fresh and updated. Deliver this on your blog.




May 122012

Tennis star Serena Williams leaked a snippet of her first Rap song this week. She started her music career last year when she went into a studio to work on some beats.

Hip-hop producer DJ Clue reportedly helped Serena out. The beat is pretty light and saturated with urban ambience sounds like sirens, surrounded by scales of pitched electronic bongo-type sounds. Overall the production is sounding very clean and the vocals are crisp and clear, pretty easy to understand.

The lyrics include references to her story and even mention her sister Venus. Here they are:

“I ball hard no tennis racket/I can’t see these haters through my Gucci glasses/I make hits like batting practice–they be like ‘Serena, is you really rapping?’ ”

“That’s me, thanks for listenin’/schooling all these rappers, they should pay tuition/ I make a lot of money but that ain’t yo business/you can tell the people I said this.”

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