Apr 272012

This is one of the most amazing videos you need to watch if you are looking to get your music out and adapt to the huge changes in the music industry in the past decade.

Jay Z talks about how he knocked on the doors of just about every record label, how he overcame rejection and discovered a business model that was so different from the mainstream that it went on to dominate his target market.

Leave your comments below if you are frustrated about the music industry and need to figure out ways to get your music heard.

Apr 202012

This post is about getting your song played on TV, as it happened recently to this very young and refreshingly original sounding band,”Forgotten Aclipse”.

The band just had one of their original songs picked up for a scene in the reality psycho show on VH1 “COUPLES THERAPY” – this link leads directly to the full episode that features the song at about 23:50.

So what can you learn from the success of this unknown band for your own music marketing?

1. Write good music and lyrics that come from the heart and touch other people.

2. Don’t get too hung up on getting everything perfect as far as music production is concerned. “Done is better than perfect!”

3. Be persistent when you approach key influencers who you know who may have connections.

4. Don’t give up. No matter if you get an early break like these guys, or if it takes a little longer, the most important thing is that you create and put out your stuff to the world.

You can contact the band and learn more about them on their website: Forgotten Aclipse

Apr 072012

Dallas indie group “The Perjury” has just released their first EP. It was produced in the band’s garage and home studio, featuring live drums, bass and electric guitars as well as vocals.

The songs range from psychedelic over hard rock to indie rock with pop influences. Some of the vocals feature radio voice effects while several songs have rich backup vocals and harmonies.

Listen to the new EP on their Facebook page.