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Sound & Video Consulting If you use sound or video on your Web site, or if you are planning to do so, you want to engage a technology that has its special requirements. It's not easy to determine the best way to use multimedia in a specific project. In fact, even many professional Web designers do not know how to include audio, video and multimedia properly. We find more audio related Web sites each day that are either silent or use multimedia in a way that can be improved greatly. Therefore, we provide this consultation to help you improve your audio, video or multimedia Web project.

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Please, use the form below to provide as much information on your current Web site or future project as you would like. Our questions are meant to be a guideline to cover important information. Don't feel obliged to answer them all! Before you submit your consulting information, you might want to look at our section "About Sound" (see menu above). This section assembles valuable general information about sound and video formats on the Internet.

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