Mar 262012

Music producers have an important role in the production process. They provide creative, organizational and administrative services, depending on the needs and their skill set. In any case, you may need a contract or agreement to spell out the relationship between the studio or record label, the artist and the producer. Here is an interesting [...]

Mar 262012
Project Management For Music Production

As in any industry and business, managing projects effectively will go a long way towards accomplishing goals and expanding your reach. Projects in the music recording industry are often extremely complex. That is why Berklee College is introducing courses in Project Management using Smartsheet, a spread-sheet like online collaboration tool. Says Berklee instructor Jonathan Feist: [...]

Mar 242012
Beat Maker Software

With computers getting faster and cheaper all the time, much of the traditional studio equipment that used to cost thousands of dollars to set up and hours of time to figure out, can now be folded into a piece of software. It would be wrong to call these beat maker software programs simple, but they [...]

Mar 202012
Propellerhead Announces $1 Recording Studio for iOS

Propellerhead, the creator of legendary recording software “Reason” has announced a mobile app for iOS. It enables its users to make music on the go, with the same underlying audio engine as its big brother. As Peter Kirn reports live from Frankfurt, the app will feature a multi-touch interface that is built around quick access [...]