May 122012
Serena Williams' First Rap Song Review

Tennis star Serena Williams leaked a snippet of her first Rap song this week. She started her music career last year when she went into a studio to work on some beats. Hip-hop producer DJ Clue reportedly helped Serena out. The beat is pretty light and saturated with urban ambience sounds like sirens, surrounded by [...]

Apr 202012
How To Get Your Song On TV

This post is about getting your song played on TV, as it happened recently to this very young and refreshingly original sounding band,”Forgotten Aclipse”. The band just had one of their original songs picked up for a scene in the reality psycho show on VH1 “COUPLES THERAPY” – this link leads directly to the full [...]

Apr 072012
The Perjury Releases First Self-Produced EP

Dallas indie group “The Perjury” has just released their first EP. It was produced in the band’s garage and home studio, featuring live drums, bass and electric guitars as well as vocals. The songs range from psychedelic over hard rock to indie rock with pop influences. Some of the vocals feature radio voice effects while [...]

Mar 262012
Shameless Indie Artist Haven

There is one show on mainstream TV that is – surprisingly – a cool source for cool music. ‘Shameless’, a family drama around a dysfunctional Chicago working-class family, is using more music than many other TV shows, and they’re licensing it often directly from the Indie Artists who fit the social makeup of the show. [...]