Apr 072012
The Perjury Releases First Self-Produced EP

Dallas indie group “The Perjury” has just released their first EP. It was produced in the band’s garage and home studio, featuring live drums, bass and electric guitars as well as vocals. The songs range from psychedelic over hard rock to indie rock with pop influences. Some of the vocals feature radio voice effects while [...]

Mar 242012
Beat Maker Software

With computers getting faster and cheaper all the time, much of the traditional studio equipment that used to cost thousands of dollars to set up and hours of time to figure out, can now be folded into a piece of software. It would be wrong to call these beat maker software programs simple, but they [...]

Mar 222012
Audition Royalty Free Music Live

A new online gadget allows you to match royalty-free music with your movies and albums in real time. You know how it can be quite inconvenient to search through track after track without knowing exactly how they will work with your movie… annoying to switch back and forth between different windows to watch the video, [...]