May 142012
Audio Hosting With a Purpose

When you are looking for the best audio hosting solution for your business online, it is best to consider first the purpose and nature of your audio files. Are you looking to deliver static audio files on your web site? Are you delivering updated audio files (“episodes”) to your audience at regular times and intervals? [...]

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Apr 272012

This is one of the most amazing videos you need to watch if you are looking to get your music out and adapt to the huge changes in the music industry in the past decade. Jay Z talks about how he knocked on the doors of just about every record label, how he overcame rejection [...]

Sep 282004

[suffusion-widgets id='2'] A digital sound is actually quite big: Each second of a stereo CD contains 1,411,200 single informations (bits), or 176,400 Bytes, or 172.25 KBytes. On a computer this type of sound usually comes as a file with the extension “wav” on the PC and “aiff” on the Mac. Downloading a second of CD [...]