May 142012

When you are looking for the best audio hosting solution for your business online, it is best to consider first the purpose and nature of your audio files.

Are you looking to deliver static audio files on your web site?

Are you delivering updated audio files (“episodes”) to your audience at regular times and intervals?

Do you require live streaming of audio programs, with or without subsequent archiving ?

Depending on your answer to these questions, the audio hosting solution that’s best for you may be different in both ease of use and price.

In addition to these questions, it is important to determine how your end users are going to be listening to your audio programs. Will they be at their computer, or should you cater to the explosively growing group of mobile devices that many people use to listen to audio on the go?

Many solutions to the different situations are available, either through your standard web hosting provider, or by using specialized hosting services. Specialized hosting services should be selected for your specific purpose, as their solutions often have built in integration with the most powerful social media channels for your application.


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